Project Highlights
  • January 2010

    Building a raffle ticket ecommerce site for a major NHL charitable foundation

  • March 2010

    Creating an automated order management system for a large fencing manufacturer and distributor

  • May 2010

    Customizing to meet the unique needs of an independent Insurance Agency

  • July 2010

    Creating a Windows service for a major energy company to receive streaming data from multiple handheld computers

Database Design

In the past few years, Microsoft has ramped-up the functionality of its free edition of SQL Server called SQL Server Express. Many businesses today still run their applications using a Microsoft Access backend. Now companies can easily migrate from Microsoft Access to the much faster and more secure SQL Server Express.

Businesses that choose to migrate their data can keep their existing Access front-end forms while converting their back-end to SQL Server Express.

Convert to Microsoft SQL Server Express (Free Edition) from:
  • Microsoft Access
  • Sybase
  • mySQL
Rainmaker Technologies can also design a database for an application that is being built for your business. We can work with your design company to enable database functionality for your new or existing Web or Windows applications.
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